The Best Players to Pick for Fantasy Premier League By Position

Roger Johnson, Marouane Chamakh and Abou Diaby” by Ronnie Macdonald is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By Aman Huda

After an amazing summer of International Football, it’s time to return to the club feeling and see the best teams and the best players face each other week after week. Of course, to engage the fans with the competition, fans will get competitive themselves through fantasy, and if you plan on joining millions around the world who follow the English Premier League, here’s a good guide to make a good, solid team.


So the first and most obvious choice for many would be Manchester United’s David de Gea, but he is the most expensive keeper at £6 million of your allotted ­­£100 million. There are other keepers for cheaper who can do the job as well as De Gea, like Manchester City’s Ederson or Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris for £5.5 million, or Leicester’s Kasper Schmeichel for £5 million. Everton’s new signing and England’s World Cup hero Jordan Pickford is probably an excellent addition, and Liverpool’s record signing of Allison from Roma is likely to start most matches for the Reds, but we don’t know yet how well he can play in Premier League conditions.

Best picks:

5. Jordan Pickford (EVE)-£5 Million

4. Kasper Schmeichel (LEI)-£5 Million

3. Allison (LIV)-£5.5 Million

2. David De Gea (MUN)-£6 Million

1. Ederson (MCI)-£5.5 Million


There are some excellent defenders playing in this season’s Premier League and the best ones are generally a little bit more expensive than your goalkeepers. The teams to be a bit more cautious of are some of the newly promoted teams (Cardiff City, Fulham, and Wolverhampton Wolves), Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and West Ham. Wolverhampton has made some excellent signings this summer, so it might not be as large of a risk as selecting players from Fulham or Cardiff City, and Wolves’ players are generally cheaper. Liverpool and West Ham generally have been excellent on the attack, but can be quite expensive, letting in plenty of goals in the defense.

Arsenal and Chelsea are both under new management, so some roles might shift for the players depending on the managers playing styles. At Chelsea, under Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s arguably best player last season was Marcus Alonso, a wing-back who often came into the box and scored goals. It’s possible that under the new manager, Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea might revert to four-in-the-back and Alonso could be benched. But if you do plan to select from Chelsea, Cesar Azpilicueta and Antoine Rüdiger are excellent choices who are likely to retain their spot.

With Arsenal, center backs have generally been an area of concern, and with some new signings, no one’s starting place is guaranteed. With that said, however, new right-back Stefan Lichtsteiner is a good choice if you’re going to pick anyone from the Gunners.

Best picks:

5. Virgil Van Dijk (LIV)-£6 Million

4. Stefan Lichtsteiner (ARS)-£5 Million

3. James Tarkowski (BUR)-£5 Million

2. Cesar Azpilicueta (CHE)-£6.5 Million

1. Jan Vertonghen (TOT)-£6 Million


The good thing about mid-fielders is that there’s a wide range of variety to choose from, but they can be costly. The best one, Liverpool’s Mohammad Salah is the most expensive player at £13 million. Manchester City’s midfield duo of Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne are £11 million and £10 million each. However, there are some excellent cheaper options, such as Chelsea’s Ngolo Kante and West Ham United’s Jack Wilshire for £5 million each.

Best picks:

5. Delle Alli (TOT)-£9 Million

4. Leroy Sané (MCI)-£9.5 Million

3. Ngolo Kante (CHE)-£5 Million

2. Kevin De Bruyne (MCI)-£10 Million

1. Mohammad Salah (LIV)-£13 Million


More likely than not, you’re gonna have to select one or two forwards from the lower level teams, as the best performers can cost a lot. Newcastle’s Ayoze Pérez is a good choice for £6 million. Otherwise, on the more expensive side of things, Harry Kane is a must, but he will cost you £12.5 million. Selecting someone from Chelsea is a waste as Alvaro Morata and Oliver Giroud both seem to fail at finding the net. Roberto Firmino from Liverpool is a decent choice, but he won’t rack up as many points as the others because he doesn’t score as often. Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku and Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can be excellent choices, but do pose slight risks as Lukaku didn’t score as much as he was expected to last season and this will be Aubameyang’s first full season in the Premier League.

Best picks:

5. Ayoze Pérez (NEW)-£6 Million

4. Sam Vokes (BUR)-£5.5 Million

3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (ARS)-£11 Million

2. Sergio Aguero (MCI)-£11 Million

1. Harry Kane (TOT)-£12.5 Million

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