A Parade for Tristan Thompson? Seriously?

Tristan Thompson
Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade” by FirstEnergy Corp. is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

By Joel Deering

A report of Tristan Thompson punching Draymond Green came out recently. That report has now led to Cavaliers fans planning to throw a parade in honor of it. Seriously? Is this for real Cavs fans? You’re throwing a parade to honor a player who punched another player. Do you not realize how wrong that sounds and how bad that makes you look?

I realize Draymond Green is a player on a team who’s been the biggest rival to the Cavaliers over the past four seasons. I realize Draymond Green is considered a dirty player and has made his fair share of dirty plays against the Cavaliers. I realize you hate the Warriors and anyone associated with them, but come on!

It’s really sad to me that we live in a world where someone trying to harm another person is being celebrated. It’s wrong. It’s just wrong. Can these fans not find something good to celebrate? I know it might be hard to find something positive after losing the NBA Finals and losing LeBron James for a second time, but there are some things I can think of they could choose to celebrate over Tristan Thompson punching a player.

Celebrate the extension of Kevin Love. Kevin Love is the best player left on this Cavs team. If the Cavs are going to make the playoffs again, it’s likely going to be because of him. There were a lot of rumors that Love would be shipped out of Cleveland, but instead he’s staying for the time being. Celebrate that.

Celebrate drafting Collin Sexton. Yeah he’s a rookie, but he looked great in Summer League play. I know it’s only Summer League, but he looked pretty dang good. Celebrate the future of your team.

I hate to break it to Cavs fans, but in case they didn’t already know, the Warriors and Cavs rivalry is dead. Cavs fans will probably still hate to play the Warriors, but all Warriors fans will have no care in the world when they play the Cavs because they know their chances of losing to this Cavs team are almost nonexistent without LeBron James.

LeBron was the reason the Cavs ever stood a chance against the Warriors. Him trying to overcome the best regular season team in NBA history and then four all-stars was the reason for this rivalry. Now it’s all over. There’s no reason to keep dwelling on something that’s gone.

I don’t know if this parade for Tristan Thompson bothers anyone else, but I just had to get my opinion of it out there. There are players I don’t like in several sports, but I never want to see them injured or harmed in anyway, and I definitely don’t want to celebrate it when something does happen. The rivalry is over Cavs fans. Move on. I’ll even throw in a Frozen reference for fun. Let it go, let it go, there’s no rivalry anymore!

4 replies to “A Parade for Tristan Thompson? Seriously?

  1. Unfortunately it’s kind of how endemic of our society, this acceptance and even celebration of violence… as long as it’s the “others’ who are the victims and not the “good guys.” This has been an issue lately regarding social issues and it only is natural for it to spill over into sports. Usually it’s the weak and insecure who are the biggest supporters of violence because they are scared and suffering in some way. With Cavs fans, the source of their “suffering” is clear, but it’s first-world-problems and I have no sympathy for them when they lash out like that.

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  2. The idea that the city of CLE is even letting this happen is just blasphemous. Nonetheless, I knew it was going to be all downhill for TT once he started dating a Kardashian. It’s just a matter of time before he becomes an afterthought along with the rest of the sports franchises in the city of CLE…until the Lakers come into town.

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