Dez Bryant’s Latest Comments on Cowboys Only Justifies His Release

Dez Bryant
Dez” by Brook Ward is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

By Joel Deering

2015: 31 receptions, 401 yards and 3 touchdowns.

2016: 50 receptions, 796 yards and 8 touchdowns.

 2017: 69 receptions, 838 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Above you’ll find the stats for Dez Bryant over the last three seasons. Bryant was going to count $16.5 million against the cap this season, which was third among wide receivers. For a receiver with his salary, the numbers above are unacceptable. Earlier this offseason the Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant because his salary was too much for so little production, but that’s only half the reason.

A couple of days ago the former Cowboys receiver took some shots at several Dallas Cowboys players and staff members on Twitter. Bryant blamed Sean Lee, Travis Frederick, Stephen Jones and more for his release. He also blamed members of the coaching staff for his lack of production on the field. Among all the blaming, there was one person Dez forgot to blame. Himself.

In response to the tweets by Dez Bryant, linebacker Sean Lee responded by saying, “I think he needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable.” Sean Lee is absolutely right. Dez blamed everyone else for his problems except himself. By doing so, Dez showed he’s still the immature receiver he was when he came out of college.

Back in 2010, the Dallas Cowboys selected Bryant with the 24th pick in the draft. Bryant could have easily gone much higher in the draft, but he ended up being passed on by 23 teams because of his off the field issues and lack of maturity. Whether it was Dez doing something stupid off the field or being a little too outspoken on the field, those immaturity issues have continued throughout his career.

Releasing Dez was about more than the money for the Cowboys. They couldn’t handle his selfishness and immaturity any longer. A lot of people may have been mad at the Cowboys for making this move or think they’re dumb for doing so, but Dez proved all those people wrong when he tweeted out blame to everyone in Dallas except himself.

There’s a reason why Dez still hasn’t been signed by a team after being released. Nobody wants to deal with that kind of person, on or off the field. Dez made it clear he’s not a very good teammate. If something goes wrong, it’s not his fault. Instead he goes straight to making everyone else look bad.

As a Cowboys fan, I’ve loved having Dez Bryant on the team, but I’ve also hated all the crap he does like this. It’s unnecessary and selfish, and it seemed to never stop. It still hasn’t stopped and he’s not even on the team anymore! If the Cowboys are as bad as everyone thinks they’re going to be this season because of the release of Dez Bryant, I still say they’re better off without him. Nobody wants that kind of player. Nobody wants that kind of teammate.

Good luck to whoever ends up signing Dez Bryant. If he produces everything will be fine, but the second something goes wrong, he’s blaming everyone except himself. Regardless of how the Cowboys end up doing this season, releasing Dez Bryant was the best move they could have made.


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