Does Anyone Have a Shot at Dethroning the Patriots in the AFC East?

Tom Brady
12 Tom Brady” by Peter Bond is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Being a New York Jets fans, here comes the most biased article of all time. The Patriots have been ruining my life ever since I can remember. At the age of six, Mo Lewis produced the worst tackle in sports history, which resulted in Drew Bledsoe being injured and Tom Brady coming in against the Jets. Since then, Tom Brady has won five Super Bowls and was the MVP of four of them, Deion Branch being the other in 2004 against the Eagles. He is a three-time MVP of the NFL, winning the award in 2007, 2010, and 2017, which is insane if you think about the age he won those all at. The man is a robot. He was first team All-Pro the years he was the MVP and also a 13 time NFL Pro-Bowler and even was the comeback player of the year in 2009. Brady also has the hottest girlfriend in the world and even was the first athlete to land on the moon. Here’s my good friend Skip Bayless to give some more info on Brady.

So do I think my New York Jets have a shot at beating Brady and winning the AFC East? Yes, why not? Every blogger has a bit of bias in him. The Jets may have the next Brady in the AFC East in Sam Darnold, or Teddy Bridgewater could go back to his former self before his knee self-destructed in a non-contact drill. The Jets have a lot of talent at the wide receiver spot and brining in Isaiah Crowell provides more bodies in the backfield. The defense has a lot of young talent with Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Darron Lee and Leonard “Big Cat” Williams. They signed veteran cornerback Trumaine Johnson, who has the length and size to jam a lot of wide receivers. Josh McCown will most likely start the season as the starter and gives them the best chance this year to have any kind of shot.

The Bills made the playoffs last year, but they are not the same team at all. They let go of Pro Bowl quarterback Tyrod Taylor and decided to go with canon arm Josh Allen. They lost three offensive lineman in Cordy Glenn, Richie Incognito and Eric Wood. LeSean McCoy got in some alleged very serious trouble, so if he ends up getting suspended for the season it totally kills them. They did draft Trumaine Edmunds, who brings in great size at linebacker. Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde are some solid defensive backs and the addition of Trent Murphy to pair with Shaq Lawson could be on of the more underrated pass rushing duos in the league this year.

The Dolphins get back Ryan Tannehill, who can hopefully put the Dolphins over the hump. I think the Dolphins made the biggest move all off-season to beat Brady and that was drafting Minkah Fitzpatrick, who is the most versatile defender they have had in a long long time and will be able to keep up with Gronk, if not this year at least in the near future. The Dolphins did bring in former Brady favorite Danny Amendola, who could leak info in what the Patriots will run and some of their calls and formations. Kiko Alonso and Reshad Jones are some other notable defenders that could give the Pats offense some issues, but a big advantage is they now have to go against Mike Gesicki, who reminds me of Rob Gronkowski in practice on a daily basis.

Will any of these teams be able to dethrone Brady and the Patriots? Hopefully or we will just have to wait for Tom to retire and then the entire NFL will rejoice.

Here is this weeks podcast below:


One reply to “Does Anyone Have a Shot at Dethroning the Patriots in the AFC East?

  1. I think this is the year Brady will drastically beginnto show his age. I give Buffalo a decent shot to dethrone them. Ryan Tannehill will not show any more ability than he has shown before even if he stays healthy.


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