July 5th Furtakes of the Day

DeMarcus Cousins
DeMarcus Cousins” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

So it’s been awhile, I’ve been busy cranking out work for my last summer class recently, but boy oh boy is there some stuff to talk about. Right after I posted my last article “LeBron James is a Laker, Now Which Stars Could Follow?” some big news broke, DeMarcus Cousins signed with the Golden State Warriors. Yes you read that correctly. The four time all star who previously played for the Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans is now going to team up with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. Cousins makes this team the first ever actualALL-STAR team from point guard all the way to center. Cousins is coming off a torn achilles, which is a very serious injury. He may not be able to return until March, but that’s why this is possibly the best move he could’ve ever made. Cousins will be able to rest his injury and not be pushed to return early and help the team. They will be fine without him, as we have seen the past four years. Cousins has averaged a double double in his career, posting 21 and 11. If a healthy Cousins can contribute that to a team that already scores the most in the NBA, then you can already crown the 2018-2019 Warriors the NBA Champs.

Tomorrow is the start of the world cup quarterfinals, yay for soccer. No but seriously I’m a big fan of the world cup. It has been awesome from all the penalty kicks ending it all or the biggest names in the game being eliminated in the last round. The great thing about the world cup is just like the Super Bowl is that it doesn’t need its biggest players in it. Messi and Ronaldo have been eliminated, but to name a few studs still in we have Neymar for Brazil, Luis Suarez for Uruguay and Harry Kane for England, yea for some reason people in Brazil just have one name..weird, I know. Tomorrow Uruguay plays France and Brazil will play Belgium.

To end the lovely blog off, I was reading an SI article. It was a fantasy football article about how some of their experts did a fantasy football mock draft. So my take on their experts is that they have never drafted a team before. In the 7th round somebody drafted Pat Mahomes yet Matt Ryan, Big Ben and Phillip Rivers went in the 10th round. Now I can’t sit here and say i’m the guru of fantasy football,but I have won my league the past two years. You can easily wait on a quarterback, I have usually waited for a quarterback from round 12 to 16. I have gotten Alex Smith and Matt Stafford, people wait on a quarterback that is my fantasy tidbit of the day. I’m telling whoever reads this article just go heavy in your first eight picks with running backs and wide receivers. Last but not least, released a new podcast yesterday so give that a look guys.



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