June 26th Furtakes of the day

Austin Rivers, Bradley Beal” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

There is a lot going on today. I’m going to be talking about most of it on the podcast later, but let’s just start with Janoris Jenkins being a lead suspect after a body was found in his house is New Jersey while he is in Florida. It could very well be the body of former coach Ben McAdoo who suspended him. Jenkins was a known troublemaker while playing for the Florida Gators and then having to transfer to Northern Alabama back in his college days, but there’s a big difference between smoking pot and having a dead body in your house.

Next up we have a little World Cup talk as Lionel Messi, who many consider the GOAT, scored a goal in Argentina’s win against Nigeria. After Ronaldo putting on a show the past couple of days, this was huge for Messi and his confidence, but what I thought was interesting was his transformation over the years.

This man became a victim of hipsters and decided to get an arm sleeve and a beard. Messi, you enjoy coffee shops at 11pm too? However, the fact that this man has scored a goal in three different decades is impressive to say the least.

Big Woj bomb broke not too long ago as I was writing this, so you can basically say I’m breaking the breaking news. Doc Rivers traded his overrated son Austin Rivers for another center, which doesn’t make much sense from even a basketball standpoint. Austin must have not gotten his father a fathers day gift or something. You have to really not care for your son to trade him, or it’s backlash for Austin since he ruined the Clippers already enough, fighting with former stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Rivers was an exceptional player in college at Duke, but has yet to live up to the hype in the NBA.

Moving to the NFL. Does everyone agree with the NFL top 100? I agree with Brady being number one, but guys like Aaron Donald I think should have been moved up a spot or so. Wentz being at number three even though he was injured I found a little interesting. I guess it could go either way, he would have easily been the MVP had he stayed healthy, but Foles being so productive with the Eagles shows he had a greater support staff than we initially gave them credit for. Antonio Brown and Julio Jones being in the top 10 and DeAndre Hopkins not being in there I felt was unfair. Hopkins played half the season with terrible quarterbacks and he was still a stud.

The NBA awards were no surprise. Harden winning the MVP made it a third OKC drafted player to win it in the last five years, which just shows how good that team really could have been had they all stayed. Ben Simmons winning rookie of the year even though he was drafted last year, but missed it with an injury I feel is fair, but Donovan Mitchell was just as good and they should have split the award I feel. The most awkward thing was Dwayne Casey winning the coach of the year award after being fired this year by the Toronto Raptors, ouch.

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