June 25th Furtakes of the day

Peyton Manning
Number 18” by Sean Benham is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Well I caught the end of this Portugal vs Iran game and boy oh boy was it crazy. Iran hit a PK in extra time and then right after almost scored again. This was an electric one and supposedly Ronaldo dodged a red card because clearly he is the LeBron James of soccer. Missing a PK also puts him in that same category as well.

The post game for the World Cup still makes no sense because I think they’re actually in America, but using a back drop of Russia, but hey whatever floats your boat Fox just keep messing with the emotions of people all over…not really.

I made a joke about the Poland soccer team having a bunch of guys who’s last name ended with “ski” so I thought they would be a better winter Olympic team… get it? James Rodriguez according to many inside sources I have in the soccer world, aka friends that watch it, consider him to be the next great one. I also noticed that the World Cup doesn’t always carry the best players from their country and goes for more of a younger team for chemistry. Interesting idea for a game that plays once every four years.

Clint Frazier yesterday hit a sure fire home run against the Rays, but a speaker hit it and made it a pop fly out. This is why I’m big against domes. For anyone who remembers when the Dallas Cowboys first opened their stadium, punters would constantly hit the scoreboard. Sports are meant to be played outside folks. Let’s keep it that way. I think it’s also a way of cheating in a sense. The Colts made the playoffs every year because Manning would kill it late in the year because he was protected by the elements. As soon as he went to New England in the playoffs, he would get rocked by Mother Nature. So for anyone who reads this, go looks at Manning’s numbers outside… do you think he would still be a hall of famer?

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