June 23rd Furtakes of the day

Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo_Anthony_and_Kobe_Bryant_joking_on_the_bench” by Alexandra Walt is licensed under CC0 1.0 

So not much really happened yesterday in sports. This is the biggest dead period of the year in sports. If it wasn’t for the World Cup, not much would be happening besides baseball. Well Brazil won by two goals, which were both scored in extra time and one of them was by Neymar. Many have considered recently that Neymar would be in the same category as Messi and Ronaldo, but that hasn’t been talked about as much recently.

Ever since Neymar left Barcelona his star studded spotlight has diminished from my point of view. People will give me some backlash I’m assuming, considering I’m not much of a soccer guy and say “well Brandon you have no idea , he did great for PSG.” You know what? You’re most likely right. Not being a soccer fan though, I think gives me a better reason or sense on this topic because not being a soccer guy means I’m not biased and don’t really know what is actually going on at all.

Speaking of falling off, Carmelo Anthony has decided to opt in to his player option for a insane amount of money, roughly around 28 million dollars. The Thunder should be sick to their stomach. Paying a guy like Melo that much money, who hasn’t produced in awhile, is a total killer for them. People during the finals were saying Kyle Korver has had a better career, but that’s just absurd. Melo in his prime was one of the best scorers of his generation at one point, something at the standards we see Kevin Durant do on a nightly basis. However, becoming fat and drinking a few to many craft beers has made Melo a very sluggish player.

Carmelo’s 2003 draft class colleague LeBron James, still has no idea where he is going. Collin Sexton telling LeBron to come back to Cleveland was cute and all, but just because Sexton is going to wear the #2 jersey, doesn’t mean James will stay with you Collin, you’re not Kyrie. The Lakers are considered the betting favorite, but I don’t see that unless the Lakers land Kawhi first. In all honesty, nobody knows what that man is going to do, so we’re all just going to have to wait until we get a giant Woj bomb dropped on us again.

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