June 22nd Furtakes Of The Day + Some NBA Draft Grades

NBA Draft Grades.png
2013 Dallas Mavericks 12013 Orlando Magic 12013 Phoenix Suns 3, and 2013 Atlanta Hawks 2” by Michael Tipton are licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

People, friends, and enemies, Furtakes has been going a solid five days strong. Crazy right? Well today is a big day because the NBA draft happened and boy oh boy was it interesting. I just want to say first it’s been great writing for this site and all the support and feedback you guys keep giving on here, it means a lot. Means as much as Argentina losing again and people blaming Messi. One guy isn’t an entire soccer team, but hey, sometimes people can’t count to 11. However, (Stephen A Smith voice) you can not lose to Croatia by three goals.

The New York post saying Giancarlo Stanton is officially a Yankee because of his walk off home run must have read my article because they totally copied me! Everyone is going crazy about how Adrian Wojnarowski “Woj” didn’t want to be beat by any other person on twitter to a pick. ESPN didn’t want him to, but “Woj” being so big in the NBA twitter-verse did what he did best, break news, or as most people call them “WOJ BOMBS”.

So let’s get to the NBA draft because thats the big news of today. The Suns drafted DeAndre Ayton, which is an easy A+ grade. Ayton isn’t a big time rim protector, but is a beast on offense with a nice mid-range jumper. The Kings with the second overall pick went with their big board and got Marvin Bagley III, a long power forward who can shoot from anywhere on the court. I think he’s the best player in the draft from an all-around perspective. Bagley will pack the seats wherever the Kings play. Michael Porter Jr feel to the Nuggets at 14 because of his back injury, but he was once considered the first overall pick last year. Porter is the typical stretch 4 or a 3 everyone loves in this league now. This is a big boom or bust pick for the Nuggets.

Everyone thought the Knicks were going to trade up and get Mo Bamba, but he was drafted by the Magic at six and looks to be the next Shaq diesel. His 7’10” wingspan is the biggest ever recorded at the NBA combine, so I’ll give this a B+, but he has no offensive game really besides turning around and dunking the ball. The Knicks at nine drafted Kevin Knox, who is the now former forward from Kentucky. Knox has the length and strength to be a productive day one starter for them, and this is an A- for me even though it may have been a bit of a reach. The last big news from the draft was the Luka Doncic trade for Trae Young and a future first round pick. I loved the Mavs getting Doncic and letting him learn from another former European star in Dirk Nowitzki, A.  I do think Trae Young going to the Hawks makes sense because they lacked scoring last year, but I think this was a reach as well and I don’t think he will play well with Dennis Schroder. Trae Young does get an A+ though, because of his unibrow and he can compete from day one with Anthony Davis for the title of best unibrow.

You can listen to my NBA draft recap below for more news!


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