June 20th Furtakes of the day

Aaron Judge” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Hello folks , writing this a tad bit late because I went to the jersey shore last night. While I was there however, I saw Giancarlo or Mike Stanton, whatever name you prefer, blast yet again another home run. I made a bet with a friend before the year him and Judge would hit a combined 110 home runs and I’m feeling more and more confident about that. I am so in on the whole home run or strikeout take. I personally don’t care much for the whole bunt and get the runner over mentality.

Baseball has finally realized that to acquire new fans, they need to double up on the juice. Maybe not with steroids, but tampering with the balls has done wonders for the game. The Cubs and Rays won as well yesterday, which led to the Astros snapping their 12 game win streak.

Little Furtakes FunFact, is there any combo of back to back quarterbacks at a college better then Joe “Broadway” Namath and Ken “The Snake” Stabler? Both are hall of famers in the NFL and I’m not sure you could find better back to back guys. Maybe Christian Ponder and E.J. Manuel?


Beer is running low in Moscow? Those Russians sure love to drink. I once went to a soccer friendly four years back and the amount of people hammered there easily competed with your typical Philadelphia Eagles game. Word on the street is that Neymar is hurt once again. This is officially me labeling him as the Kyrie Irving of soccer.

Breaking news, if it wasn’t already known, is that Tony Parker is the worst teammate on the planet, as he has now cheated on the Spurs. He has pissed off Kawhi Leonard with comments about his injury. If you look at that long line of things he has done, how has he never came up in conversation with the worst locker room guys ever in the NBA?

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  1. I think you must distinguish here between the National and American League style of baseball. Without the DH, small ball still reigns strong in the NL in spite of the HR happy trend among fans today

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