June 19th Furtakes of the Day



Furtakes June 19.png
Kawhi Leonard | San Antonio Spurs” by Mark Runyon is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, “Mike Trout” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, “Phil Mickelson Shoot” by Zeynep Taslica is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, and “Demarcus Beasley and Romelu Lukaku” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By Furtakes

1. It was about 2:36 a.m. and I had just got into bed after watching the Belgium vs Panama game and I didn’t even look to see what the final score was, but Belgium I’m assuming blew them out of the gate in that game. I rarely watch soccer, but boy oh boy did that look like an absolute mismatch. Just checked the score… ended up being 3-0. The story about Mexico shaking the city during a goal is shell shocking, not as good as plate tectonics coming together, but the fact that Mexico City recorded a mini earthquake from a goal shows how much more the people in that country love soccer than we do. Most likely the reason we’re not in the World Cup. Was that satire? Maybe, but the U.S. not being in the World Cup hasn’t ruined it for me this year. Let’s be real, we weren’t going to make it out of our group anyway.

2. Now the big golf story about Phil Michelson, which I had some of my former golf buddies talk about on the podcast today. Some might have heard by now, but Phil did what any 10 year old would do playing mini golf and hit the ball as it was rolling away from the cup. Instead of your father saying you can’t do that son, the entire golf world absolutely lost their minds. I heard commentary during the putt and people calling him a disgrace to the game. They make it seem like he unleashed the curse of John Daly upon us.

3. Watched some baseball today and Mike Trout no doubt in my mind will be the greatest baseball player of all time. The man is on pace to break the home run record set by Hank Aaron or Barry Bonds, whether you believe in this thing called steroids. Me just recently becoming a baseball fan, I have totally enjoyed watching a guy like Trout. The man is a 5 tool player, as those big baseball saber metric or analyst kind of guys would call him. If you have a friend that isn’t into baseball, show him an at bat of Mike Trout and it’ll open his eyes.

4. Lastly, this whole Kawhi ordeal is great. The Spurs tweeted his draft day video a day ago, I guess to make him feel at home, but everyone knows he’s leaving. The big question is where he’ll end up. It seems to me Kawhi is actually taking some of the offseason pressure from LeBron James and even some of the spotlight. This may be a very very very hot take, but I think this offseason is now about Kawhi Leonard instead of LeBron James because it seems that LeBron will follow Kawhi. Kawhi has beaten LeBron James again, but this time in the NBA offseason instead of in the NBA Finals.


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