The Great LeBron Debate

LeBron James
LeBron James” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By Furtakes

The Cavaliers lost once again to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, but this year they may have lost more than just another NBA Finals. LeBron James has shown frustration in the series and things are looking not so good for Cleveland. LeBron has been the savior for what is considered a terrible sports town. LeBron has given everything he had in the finals and it just wasn’t enough to beat an overpowered superstar team.

James is the hometown hero every city wants. Someone who grows up in the eyes of everyone and eventually leads the town to a championship, which is a rare thing. LeBron however seems to be considering leaving Cleveland once again. The first time he left Cleveland to form the big three of Miami, where he coined the famous quote “I’m taking my talents to south beach”. LeBron joined stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, who ended up winning two rings in a four year span in which they made the finals every year. It was a chance for LeBron to not be in the spotlight and pressure of being the hometown hero. Cleveland during that time was able to draft guys like Kyrie Irving, which intrigued LeBron to return, which he did and allowed him to finally bring a title to Cleveland.

However, eventually Kyrie Irving hated being second fiddle to the king. He was traded to Boston for a couple of players and picks. The Nets pick acquired ended up being a wash because it’s only the 8th overall pick and Isiah Thomas and Jae Crowder ended up being traded at the NBA trade deadline earlier this year. A tough pill for LebBron to swallow and play GM to get different guys once again on the team.

So if LeBron chooses to leave, where will he go? The amount of teams wanting him are endless. He’s the best player in the game, but what it really comes down to is where can he win another title to add to his legacy. There are crazy theories that he may take visits to teams like the Celtics and Warriors, which seem to insane and would ruin his career, but if he really wants to win why not? The Houston Rockets seem like a reasonable team to join for him to play with long time friend Chris Paul and a talented scorer in James Harden. The Spurs as well would be a team to consider because of two-way star Kawhi Leonard and a great coach.

The entire summer now everyday will be news about LeBron and what teams he’s contacting or considering. He could be seen with a shoe that’s green and white and people will say “oh look at the shoes he going to be a Celtic!” That’s how crazy NBA free agency is now. All I know is, I’m excited to see what happens, but I doubt LeBron James returns to Cleveland.

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