Breaking Down The QB’s: Baker Mayfield

_MG_3278.jpg” by Jackson Lavarnway is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Baker Mayfield, 6’1″ 220 lbs, Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield may be the most intriguing player in the draft. He for sure is in the QB class. Mayfield was an unrecruited QB that walked on at Texas Tech and won the starting job as a Freshman. He started 8 games that year and then in a move that shows Mayfield’s belief in himself, he transferred. He did not transfer to a smaller school where he was assured of starting or getting a scholarship, no no, he transferred to Oklahoma where he walked on again. He then proceeded to win a three QB race to become the starter with Sophomore eligibility. The following is what he accomplished as the starting QB at Oklahoma: Three Big 12 Championships and two appearances in the College Football Playoff. As far as leadership goes, for Mayfield to have the ability to transfer to a school with alpha males all over the place and become the face of the program and win big, that is leading to the ninth degree! I’m not sure about you, but that is betting on yourself big time and coming through with all the pressure on you to win. Baker could have easily stayed at Texas Tech and had a great career. He would have thrown the ball a thousand times a game and led them to bowl games. He wanted more and knew that he could not accomplish that at a middle tier Big Twelve school, therefore he decided to walk on at the biggest name in the conference to try and accomplish his goals.

Baker essentially played himself into a first round pick and put himself in the conversation to be the top overall pick.  I will list his stats here from his three years at Oklahoma:

  • 2015 – 68% Completion, 3700 yards, 36 TDs, 7 INTs
  • 2016 – 70.9% Completion, 3965 yards, 40 TDs, 8 INTs
  • 2017 – 70.5% Completion, 4627 yards, 43 TDs, 6 INTs

Just his stats blow everyone else in the QB class out of the water. The numbers that will translate to the NFL are the completion percentage and the number of interceptions. Detractors will say, “He played in an Air Raid offense and the guys he threw to were wide open!” My response is, he mastered that offense, so he’ll be able to master any offensive system. A 70% completion percentage is awesome, I don’t care what system you’re in.  Heck, I’ve been a part of teams that couldn’t complete 70% on air!!

As I did with Darnold, I’m going to measure him by the Bill Parcells criteria for measuring QB’s. Here is how he stacks up against that criteria:

  • 3 years as the starter? – Yes (3+)
  • Is he a senior? – Yes
  • Did he graduate? – Yes
  • Did he start 30 games? – Yes (47)
  • Did he win 23 games? – Yes (39)
  • TD:INT ratio at least 2:1?  – Yes (131:30, which is actually 4:1, double what Coach Parcells looks for)
  • Completion percentage over 60? – Yes (68.5%)
    7/7 criteria met.

Mayfield checks all the boxes Bill Parcells wants to see when he drafts a QB. I am just going to let that sit there and marinate for a while.

Again I ask, would you draft this guy number one?





3 thoughts on “Breaking Down The QB’s: Baker Mayfield

  1. If I were the Browns looking for a quarterback in this class, I’d take Baker Mayfield. I’ve always thought he was the best quarterback in this class. Just like you said, he checks all the boxes. The biggest thing against him is how tall he is, which I’ve never really understood. Whoever gets Mayfield is getting a winner.

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