Cleveland Browns: On the Clock

Cleveland Browns New Helmet” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By cafreeman2012

John Dorsey, General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, has positioned the team to draft their quarterback of the future, Josh Allen. With the off-season addition of Tyrod Taylor, the Browns have themselves in place to build for the future. Josh Allen would seem to be a certain pick for the Browns at number one overall in this months NFL draft. Allen is a big guy with a big arm and he seems to be a perfect fit for the blue collar Cleveland Browns. Tyrod Taylor provides the Browns with some insurance at the quarterback position, therefore there will be no need to rush Josh Allen on the field. Recently the Cleveland Browns have had a limited amount of success in the draft and on the field.

Last month the Cleveland Browns lost the cornerstone of their franchise, when Joe Thomas retired. Thomas was the third overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft as an offensive tackle from Wisconsin. Thomas was selected to the Pro Bowl in each of his first ten seasons and he played 10,363 snaps in a row. Although Thomas turned out to be a solid pick, the Browns were never able to put a solid team around him. Lets face it, as great of a player as Thomas was, there is only so much of an impact a single offensive lineman can have on a team. The offensive line functions as a unit.

The Browns have to draft a quarterback. The last time the Browns were relevant to the NFL they had Bernie Kosar under center. Derek Anderson was the last Pro Bowl quarterback for the team in 2007. This year the Cleveland Browns have a fresh start after bringing in Tyrod Taylor, who is considered a game manager that does not turn the football over. If the Browns draft Josh Allen from Wyoming with the number one overall pick, there is no immediate pressure to put him on the field.

Josh Allen can sit for a year as the team builds a cohesive offensive line and a team identity. What’s going to define this Cleveland Browns team, is going to be solid defense with a good ground game and play action passing. Or do they want to become an offensive juggernaut? Either way they need an identity and a stable situation for Josh Allen.

To sum it up, teams that have quarterbacks win and teams that don’t have quarterbacks don’t win. If the Cleveland Browns want to be a relevant NFL franchise, they should draft Josh Allen with the number one overall pick. From there, they can stabilize their team with Tyrod Taylor and hand the football and the franchise to Josh Allen at the appropriate time.

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