Five Potential Landing Spots For Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman by Football Schedule is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

After being released by the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman is free to choose where he wants to play next. The Titans, Lions, 49ers, Bucs, Texans, and Packers are just a few teams rumored to be interested in Sherman’s services. With so many teams interested, it made it very difficult to narrow this list down to five teams.

What made it easier though, is a few things Sherman had to say about where his next landing spot may be. “I want to go to a contender. I play at a high level. I’ve always been a guy that can work well with others and continue to elevate if my teammates elevate and elevate others. Would I go to a young secondary that is like we were when we were younger and help them grow and help them advance? Sure, if the number looks right and the situation is comfortable for me and my family.” Sherman also said he wants to play on a team with a “great quarterback”, a place he’d be “comfortable”, and a team that’s “building a contender.”

After reading these quotes from Sherman, I prepared my list with the following in mind.

  • Contender/Building a Contender
  • Willing to play with a young secondary with potential
  • Great Quarterback
  • Where he’d be comfortable

Below is the list I put together of five potential landing spots based on the above criteria.

New England Patriots

We know the Patriots are a contender every year without question. Regardless of who they have playing what position, they’re going to contend. The Patriots secondary isn’t necessarily considered to be young, but they do have a need for another corner because of the likely departure of Malcolm Butler. I don’t know how heavily each bullet point above will be factored into Sherman’s decision, but if great quarterback has the most weight, the Patriots are the obvious choice. Tom Brady has five Super Bowl wins and 8 Super Bowl appearances. He’s one of, if not the best quarterback of all time. The only thing I’m not sure of here is how comfortable he’d be. I’m sure he’d adjust, but he doesn’t really have any big connections to the Patriots.

San Francisco 49ers

After having a meeting with the 49ers, they have to be on the list. He’s also scheduled to meet with the Lions, but the difference I see between the two teams is that the 49ers are building a championship contender and the Lions don’t seem to be. The Lions seem to have been in the same spot for years. The 49ers are on the rise. The end of last season is a sign they’re building a contender. They locked up Jimmy Garoppolo, and while he may not be considered “great”, he showed a lot of potential as their starter last season. Sherman is familiar with the 49ers franchise after playing them twice every season. He may not feel comfortable having to play against his former team twice a year though. Or maybe he wants to do that?

Dallas Cowboys

After what we saw two seasons ago, we know the potential the Dallas Cowboys have to be contenders. They did have a down year last season, but things will likely turn around soon. The have young players in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott who are still learning, but also improving. The secondary is also very young with a lot of potential. What we saw out of Jourdan Lewis, Chidobie Awuzie, Kavon Frazier, and Xavier Woods last season was very promising. If Sherman can see them turning into another “Legion of Boom” type defense, he could go there and help these guys grow. Guess who’s the Cowboys new passing game coordinator. Chris Richard. This is significant because Sherman has spent his entire career playing for him in Seattle. Sherman would be very comfortable playing in Dallas.

New Orleans Saints

It’s pretty obvious after last season that the Saints are contenders. They were about 10 seconds away from a trip to the NFC Championship game. The fantastic play of their young rookies took them a long way. On defense Marshon Lattimore played incredibly, winning Defensive Rookie of the Year. The potential he showed to be an elite corner has to attract Sherman. Sherman would only add to a defense that made huge strides. On the offensive side of the ball, Drew Brees is one of the all time greats at the position, which fits exactly what Sherman wants.

Atlanta Falcons

After making it to the Super Bowl two seasons ago, the Falcons had a bit of a down year. They did however still make the playoffs. This team is a contender right now. They have a great quarterback in Matt Ryan, who has an MVP award. The Falcons Head Coach is also Sherman’s former defensive coordinator. He coached Sherman during the best years of Seattle’s run. The history with Dan Quinn would surely make Sherman comfortable in Atlanta. They do have some young and promising pieces on defense also.



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