Why Everyone Should Be ‘Kelly Strong’


By Jesse Langmacher

There are few individuals that epitomize the word STRONG like Jim Kelly does. He has been dealt countless obstacles throughout his life and he keeps knocking down those barriers. He is one of the most inspiring human beings and his story is one that has touched millions, myself included.

We all know Jim Kelly was a legendary quarterback who got hit many times and always got back up. It takes a special person to deal with the beating he went through in the NFL. Outside the NFL though, Jim may be even more durable.

In 1997, Jim and his wife Jill had a son who was born with Krabbe Disease. This disorder affects the central and peripheral nervous¬†system and he was giving three years to live. After his son died in 2005, the family started the Hunter’s Hope foundation to fund research for similar diseases.

In 2013, Jim was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in his upper jaw. After procedures and a year long battle, Jim Kelly was believed to be cancer free in 2014. Just another challenge faced and ultimately overcome.

The Hall of Fame quarterback announced earlier this week that the cancer has returned. Jim Kelly has always been an inspiration in my life. Born and raised in Denver, I got to witness John Elway ride into the sunset. In that same category, Jim Kelly has always had an impact on me.

I’m writing this to inspire those who may read that life hands everybody obstacles, but we can overcome them all with faith and belief. Keep Jim Kelly and his family in your prayers, I do believe he deserves that.

Make a quick recovery #12!

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