Free Agent Fits: Allen Robinson

Marcedes Lewis, Zane Beadles” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Players coming off major injuries scare me. If they scare me, they should scare NFL teams too. An athlete can be a completely different player after suffering a major injury, but sometimes they return to form. Just look at what Adrian Peterson did after his major injury years back. Peterson is a freak athlete, which is not the case for everyone. Some players just can’t get back to form. Allen Robinson is one player who we’re not quite sure about at this point.

Robinson caught one pass for 17 yards last season before tearing his ACL. Previous to his injury, Robinson had been productive in his 3 years. He had 548 receiving yards in his rookie year, exploded for 1,400 yards in his second season, and then took a slight step back while still being productive in his third year with 883 yards. Based on the numbers we can see Robinson’s potential to a be a number one receiving threat, but the consistency doing it hasn’t been established yet.

Between his lack of consistency and his major injury, I can see Allen Robinson getting a “prove it” deal with a team this offseason. These kind of deals are usually only for 1 year because the team wants to see if they can return to being a productive player before signing them long term. Allen Robinson will be a boom or bust signing. It’s for that reason I think he won’t get as much attention as some other guys out there, but there will still be teams looking for his services.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas needs a new receiver. The receivers they currently have have all been figured out. Nobody was much of a threat to make big plays last season. There’s even been talk recently about the Cowboys getting rid of Dez Bryant. Regardless of if they get rid of Dez, they need someone who can be a threat. Allen Robinson could be that guy. Dallas is looking for a boom player at receiver, which as mentioned above could be Robinson. If Robinson can return to his pre-injury form, Robinson would take a lot of attention off Dez, Beasley, and Witten. That would make things easier for Dak as a passer and Zeke as a runner. Dallas has been known to take risks with players, so here’s another one for them.

Indianapolis Colts

When Andrew Luck returns (If he ever does), he’ll need some help in the passing game. T.Y. Hilton is a good receiver, but he really needs some help. With Hilton being a smaller receiver, the Colts could also use some height in the passing game. Robinson is a 6’3″ receiver who can give them just that. In 2015, Robinson had 14 TD’s. He was able to do that by using his size to get over defenders. With a healthy Luck and some additional help in the passing game, the Colts offense could get back to where it was a few seasons ago.

Carolina Panthers

Aside from a healthy Greg Olsen, Cam Newton has never really had the best receivers. Kelvin Benjamin was the best option he’s had, but then they traded him away. Devin Funchess is not ready to be a number one receiver, and he may never be. He’s better suited to be a number two or three option. The Carolina Panthers need to give Cam some real receiving threats. Their receivers have been a weakness for years now. It’s one of the reasons they either don’t make the playoffs or why they lose in the playoffs. They’re undermanned at the position and need an upgrade. If Robinson becomes a boom signing, that’s a great start to improving Cam’s receiving options.

Chicago Bears

This fit will seem more realistic to me if Robinson doesn’t have a lot of interest. If there’s not a lot of interest, Robinson will go somewhere that may not be the most desirable destination. Chicago is a perfect place for Robinson if he has to get a “prove it” deal for a year. Most contenders want to sign players who will for sure make an impact, not players in question. The Bears are far away from contending, but if Robinson can make an impact here it will show other teams he can make an impact with them. Robinson may even end up developing some good chemistry with Mitch Trubisky and become his top target, leading him to stay in Chicago long term and be their number one guy for a long time.

Washinton Redskins

The Redskins don’t have any receivers who can be the guy for them. Jamison Crowder was their leading receiver last year, but he’s best when he’s in the slot. Washington needs a big receiver on the outside. They’ve got to give Alex Smith some help if they want him to succeed there. What he has now isn’t enough, and they can’t wait around for their young talent like Josh Doctson to fully develop. If Robinson can return to his pre-injury form and Jordan Reed stays healthy, this Redskins team would have the make up of a pretty good passing game.

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