Free Agent Fits: Jarvis Landry


The Free Agent Fits series continues as we continue to get closer to free agency. Today’s free agent is Jarvis Landry, a wide receiver who will be well sought after. In his first 4 seasons in the league, Landry has had 84 or more catches every season. Two of those seasons he had over 1,000 receiving yards. This past season, Landry was just short of 1,000 yards receiving, but can you really blame him for having a little lower numbers? His quarterback situation was not ideal in any way. Even though he was short of 1,000 yards, he did record 112 catches, which is a career high for him.

After proving he can be very productive throughout his first four years, Landry is in for a pay day. He fits with a lot of teams, but there are only a select amount who have the available cap space to give him the kind of deal he’ll be looking for. I’ve chosen five teams where Landry could be a fit based upon how much money they’ll have available and how much these teams need a receiver like him. Of course, these destinations are only possible if the Dolphins let him get away. They have the option to franchise tag him, which I think they’ll do. As of right now though, Jarvis Landry will be a free agent.

Chicago Bears

Out of all the teams I’ve listed, this is probably the least likely destination for Jarvis Landry. It’s the least likely because it’s the least desirable. Yes, the Bears do need a receiver. Someone who can be a real threat to a defense. Jarvis Landry is that, but I don’t know if Landry would want to join an offense with a second year quarterback and a team that won 5 games last season. The other teams I’ve listed have much more to offer Landry than Chicago does. The Bears will likely have enough money to offer, but what else is there really? I listed the Bears because they really need Landry and he would help them a lot, but I don’t think he ends up on this team.

San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo’s extension makes the 49ers a much more desirable landing spot for Landry. Garoppolo’s body of work for the 49ers wasn’t huge last season, but it was pretty impressive. He completed 67.4% of his passes for 1,560 yards and 7 TD’s in 6 games (5 Starts). His quarterback rating was 96.2, which is pretty dang good. It’s even more impressive when you consider who the 49ers have as receivers. Marquise Goodwin was their leading receiver with just under 1,000 yards. He can be a good option, but he’s not a number one. The way the 49ers finished last season should make Jarvis Landry want to come here. He’d get paid, be the number one option, and have a quarterback who’s better than anyone he’s had before.

Jacksonville Jaguars

How could a team that just went to a Conference Championship not sound like a good place to go? They have the defense, they have a running game, and they have Blake Bortles. That last one is actually counter productive to sounding enticing. I think Landry wants to play on a good team, but I also think he wants to play with a good quarterback. I’m very critical of Blake Bortles, but for good reason. He’s not a franchise quarterback. With that being said, I do think Landry can help Bortles be better. It would give another weapon to the Jaguars passing game. With the Jaguars running game, the passing game has a chance to be elite with the right players. Add Landry to the mix and it gets better. The Jaguars defense might be the most enticing thing to Landry, which might sound weird because he’s a receiver. No matter what position you play on offense, having a good defense to help you out is always a good thing.

Tennessee Titans

After making the playoffs this past season, the Titans look to be on the up and up. They have a young quarterback who can make plays and a good running game. What they’ve been lacking for quite some time now is a true receiving threat. The Titans have some young receiving talent in Corey Davis, but he didn’t put up big numbers and it might take him a while to get there. Jarvis Landry can fill a major need for this team as a real threat in the passing game. Tennessee has the cap space to sign Landry to a deal he’d be looking for, but it depends on how much of a priority they make a receiver. They could go through the draft, but I think they need a proven talent like Landry to help them get better at the position and overall.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins leading receiver last season was Jamison Crowder, who had 789 yards. That needs to change if the Redskins want to seriously compete. You just traded for Alex Smith. You signed him to a long term deal. Now go get him some help. Locking up Smith allows the Redskins to focus on getting other position needs. They have quite a bit of cap space to play with, so expect them to be players in free agency. Jamison Crowder can be a good running mate for Jarvis Landry. I think it’s important for Landry to see that he has a capable receiver playing along side him. Crowder can do that, but again he’s not a number one. In Washington, Jarvis Landry could get paid and be a highly targeted weapon in an offense that now has the highest rated quarterback from last season in Alex Smith.

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