Trade Deadline Prediction For The Celtics

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2013 Boston Celtics 1” by Michael Tipton is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


After being released by the Phoenix Suns, big man Greg Monroe has agreed to terms with the Boston Celtics. His contract has not been finalized,as the Celtics have a couple trade targets leading up to the trade deadline. The Celtics are the number one team in the Eastern Conference and they’re looking to add a bench scorer and a rim protector. They have also made Marcus Smart available on the trade market. The Celtics are adding Monroe for his scoring ability, but they still need a rim protector. With the trade deadline one day away, there are a couple of moves the Celtics could make.

The Celtics biggest trade piece is Marcus Smart for many reasons. The Celtics can’t replace his defense, but he struggles on offense. After this season he will be a free agent and will be looking for a big deal in free agency. The Celtics also have Terry Rozier who, will be a free agent after next season and the Celtics are unlikely to keep both. Rozier has had a breakout season and has significantly more upside offensively than Smart. The Celtics have been rumored to be looking for a first round pick in exchange for Smart as they do not want to lose him to free agency without any return. Smart could be an interesting acquisition for a team looking to shore up their defense. Whoever acquires him would also have the first chance to sign him to an extension. While dealing Smart is an option for the Celtics, they’ve also been linked to Lou Williams and Tyreke Evans.

Both these players would help the Celtics out with their biggest need, which is bench scoring. Williams is enjoying a breakout year with the Clippers and averaging 23.3 points a game. He did just sign an extension, but that doesn’t mean they won’t trade him. Evans is averaging 19.5 points a game and averaging five assists a game for the Grizzlies. Both of these players would make the Celtics even more dangerous and give them more depth. The Clippers and the Grizzlies have been asking for draft picks in return something the Celtics have an abundant amount of. Ainge has been reluctant to deal from his treasure chest of picks, as the Celtics are trying to win a championship without sacrificing the future. Trading Smart for one of these players straight could entice the Celtics as they wouldn’t surrender a pick and they would get an impact scorer.

These two players are not the only one’s available to the Celtics. Other trade candidates include Derrick Favors, Julius Randle, and Marco Belinelli. Randle and Favors could held the Celtics on the boards, while Belinelli is potent from three point range. The Celtics haven’t been linked to these three and are considered front runners to land Evans. The Celtics already have a talented roster and have played well against the Rockets and Warriors, the two teams they would most likely face in the finals. The NBA trade deadline is only a day away, and things could get very interesting.


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