Week 17 NFL Picks

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Well the Lions blew it. They had one of, if not the easiest remaining schedule and needed to win both games to get into the playoffs. Then they lost to the Bengals. With Aaron Rodgers not playing, I think the Lions finish the season strong with a win that won’t matter until draft time comes.

Pick: Lions


I’m not sure if the Vikings are going to play their starters in this game, but I still think the Bears are going to lose either way. Although there is always the risk of injury, I think it’s a smart move to play the starters in the final week. Get a win and get your confidence high going into the playoffs.

Pick: Vikings


The Texans quarterback situation is in worse shape than the Colts. I don’t expect this game to be exciting. Unless you’re a fan of one of these teams, it’s probably not a game you’re going to watch. This is just a game for draft position. Jacoby Brissett seems better to me than T.J Yates, so I’m picking the Colts.

Pick: Colts


A first round bye has been locked up, but it’s still possible for the Steelers to get home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They have to win to get the top seed, as well hope the Patriots lose. I think the Patriots will win, but the Steelers have to win for a chance. Browns go 0-16.

Pick: Steelers


It’s win and lock up the top seed in the playoffs for the Patriots. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been in this situation many times before, so I don’t think it will phase them at all. The AFC playoffs go through New England.

Pick: Patriots


This game could be the last game for Eli Manning with the Giants. It could also be the last game for Kirk Cousins with the Redskins. This game will be an opportunity for them to showcase why another team should pay them. I think Cousins is the better quarterback right now, and the Redskins are the better team.

Pick: Redskins


Nick Foles needs as much time with the starters as possible. He has to be prepared for the playoffs. Dallas will be playing their starters to try and finish strong, but this Dallas team has been a mess all season. Even without Carson Wentz, I think the Eagles are the better team.

Pick: Eagles


Nobody wants to play a division opponent in the playoffs. If the Jaguars want to stop that from happening, they need to beat the Titans. They would also like to rebound from their loss last week. Going into the playoffs on a win would be a huge confidence builder for this team.

Pick: Jaguars


For a chance at the playoffs, the Bills need to get a win. If they make it in, I don’t think they’re going anywhere. This would be one of the weaker playoff teams, but it would still be nice to be there. Losing is not an option for the Bills.

Pick: Bills


Can the Bengals upset the Ravens like they did the Lions last week? I don’t think so. The Ravens defense has dominated inferior offensive teams, which they will do once again. They win this game and secure themselves a spot in the playoffs.

Pick: Ravens


Win or go home. Win and maybe still go home. The Chargers need some help from other teams to get in the playoffs, but they have to do their part first. Against a Raiders team that has struggled, I think the Chargers get their part done. This would be a team most teams wouldn’t want to play in the playoffs. Their defensive line making plays could go a long way.

Pick: Chargers


With a win over the Cowboys last week, Seattle is still in the hunt for a playoff spot. They need a win and a Falcons loss. This is a similar situation to the Steelers trying to get home field advantage, but the Seahawks aren’t in the playoffs yet. The Falcons might win, but the Seahawks have to hope they don’t. A chance for the final playoff spot drives the Seahawks to a win.

Pick: Seahawks


I’ve been impressed with the 49ers recently, but this is where the 49ers winning streak ends. Todd Gurley is in for another huge game, which will help him get some MVP votes. He’s been an absolute stud for the Rams this year. Just let him run all over the 49ers.

Pick: Rams


For a chance at winning their division, this is a must win for the Panthers. Atlanta has been struggling as of late, while Cam Newton has looked liked MVP Cam again. With Cam playing at this level, he’ll do everything he can to power the Panthers to a victory and a chance at their division. They’ll be praying for the Saints to lose.

Pick: Panthers


The Chiefs have already locked up their division, so it doesn’t really matter if they win or lose this game. They have a much better offense than the Broncos, and they need to stay hot going into the playoffs. We’ve seen the potential they have to be a dominant team. They need to get that full potential back before going into a playoff game.

Pick: Chiefs


Drew Brees knows what’s at stake here. A win gets the division title. With the way the Buccaneers have struggled all season, I don’t see a reason why the Saints won’t win their division. Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara and company will have a big game just like they do almost every week.

Pick: Saints

Is this really the last week of the regular season??? Where did the time go??

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