Week 16 NFL Picks

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NFL” by Barry Schwartz is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

This is another must win game for the Ravens. It’s a good thing their schedule is favorable the rest of the way. They can’t afford to lose another game, because if they do they’re most likely out of the playoffs. The Ravens defense will continue to make plays against another offense that has struggled all season.

Pick: Ravens


Aaron Rodgers has been shut down for the season, meaning Brett Hundley is back in the starting lineup for the Packers. Hundley has been more bad than good, and against the Vikings defense that’s bad news. The Vikings are looking to secure a first round bye, possibly home field advantage. Vikings win.

Pick: Vikings


Coming off a dominating performance against the Seahawks, how can you not pick the Rams to win this game. The Titans have struggled for several weeks now and may not even make the playoffs. With the Rams in playoff mode and the Titans barely hanging on to a spot, the Rams will have another dominating victory.

Pick: Rams


The Patriots need a victory to help them lock up home field advantage. Not only would a win help them get home field, but it would help them keep their division rival outside of the playoffs. The Patriots have once again been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL, while the Bills have been up and down. New England is also at home.

Pick: Patriots


This is the best chance the Browns have at winning a game this year. It would be nice for the Browns to win a game, but I don’t think they will. The Bears won’t be making the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to play for. What they’re playing for is not being the only team to lose to the Browns. Nobody wants that label.

Pick: Bears


Revenge game. The Saints are looking for revenge against the Falcons. This time their on their home field and looking to lock up their division. If they beat the Falcons, they ruin their chances of winning the division and hurt their chances of making the playoffs. The Saints don’t want to see a division rival in the playoffs if they don’t have to. This would help them avoid doing that.

Pick: Saints


Another week, another needed win for the Lions. They’ve had a relatively easy schedule recently and will for the rest of the season. I have the Lions getting in the playoffs, so in order to do that they must win this game. A Bengals team that has struggled all season won’t get the upset.

Pick: Lions


Tampa Bay was competitive with Atlanta, but I don’t think they’ll be as competitive in this game. The Panthers will be playing their best football to help them get ready for the playoffs. They’ve been playing great football in recent weeks, which will continue into this game.

Pick: Panthers


After beating the Patriots, the Dolphins had playoff hope. Technically it’s still alive, but not after this game. The Chiefs are back on top of their division and need to secure their playoff spot. Their recent wins have come over competition that isn’t elite, which is what the Dolphins are. Another victory for the Chiefs.

Pick: Chiefs


The Broncos are on a two game winning streak, but those wins have come against the Jets and Colts. The Redskins are better than both of those teams, and they have a little more consistency throughout the team. The Redskins haven’t played great recently, but I think they can get a win here in a close game.

Pick: Redskins


If the Chargers want a chance at winning their division or getting in the playoffs, they have to win. I have the Titans and Bills losing this week, so a win would put them right there. After a down week against the Chiefs, the Chargers bounce back to keep their hopes alive.

Pick: Chargers


With one of the best defense’s in the NFL, you better not lose to one of the worst offense’s in the NFL. The Jaguars are starting to prove they belong in the playoffs, and they still have a shot at getting a first round bye. Their play has been great all around, and that will continue against a much inferior 49ers team.

Pick: Jaguars


Zeke!!!!! The Dallas crowd will be fired up for the return of Ezekiel Elliott. Did anyone else see Todd Gurley run all over the beat up Seahawks defense last week? With the Cowboys offensive line and Zeke looking to make a statement, I expect the Cowboys to run all over the Seahawks just like the Rams did. Cowboys keep their playoff hopes alive.

Pick: Cowboys


These teams have a couple things in common. They won’t be in the playoffs and their quarterback play hasn’t been good. Although they still lost to the Eagles last week, the Giants did seem to get something going offensively. I think they can keep that going. Aside from the Cardinals having Larry Fitzgerald, I’d say the Giants have the better offense at this point.

Pick: Giants


The Steelers took a big blow with the injury to Antonio Brown, which could hurt them while fighting for playoff seeding. Good thing they’re playing the Texans. Antonio Brown does so much for this team, but even without him, the Texans are no match for the Steelers. This will be a game the Steelers need to get their confidence back up after losing to the catch rule that still nobody understands.

Pick: Steelers


Nick Foles believes in himself and the Eagles believe in him. I don’t think the Eagles will win the Super Bowl with Foles as their quarterback, but the Eagles believe they can. Something that will help them do that is getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs. All they need is one more win.

Pick: Eagles

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