Week 15 NFL Picks

NFL Week 15
NFL” by Parker Anderson is licensed by CC BY-ND 2.0

Denver really stepped up their game last week, posting a shut out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another shut out by Denver’s defense in this game. The Colts have struggled to protect the quarterback, and Von Miller and company on the other side, things don’t look good for the Colts.

Pick: Broncos


The Lions are in the playoff hunt, which can really motivate a team to play much better. The Bears could play spoiler for the Lions hopes, but who knows which Bears team we’ll see. More often than not it’s the bad one, so I’ll bank on that. Stafford will continue to keep his team in the playoff hunt.

Pick: Lions


This is a game I’m very interested in watching. The winner of this game will likely be the winner of the division. The Chiefs won last week after a terrible stretch, but they were also playing a Raiders team who has been terrible for most of the season. The Chargers started slow, but they’ve been playing well recently. I say this pretty much every week, but the Chargers pass rush will disrupt Alex Smith too much.

Pick: Chargers


Will the Eagles be able to win without Carson Wentz? The Super Bowl? I say no. This game? Probably. The Giants offense has been bad all year. The Eagles may struggle offensively for a while, but I think their playmakers will step up enough to help them move closer to securing home field advantage in the playoffs.

Pick: Eagles


If you’ve been watching football this season, think about how the Vikings defense has been playing. Now think about how the Bengals offense has been playing. Total opposites. The Vikings defense will perform how they have all season, especially against an offense that doesn’t move the ball too well.

Pick: Vikings


The Browns will move to 0-14. The Ravens defense has been carrying them for most of the season, but the offense has stepped up recently. After losing last week, they need to win this game for their playoff hopes to stay alive. They can’t afford to lose. This game comes at a great time for the Ravens, because the Browns need everything to go right for them to win. From what we’ve seen from the Browns, not everything will go right. Not much does with them.

Pick: Ravens


I expect the Redskins to bounce back from their loss last week. They looked bad. The Cardinals are technically still in the playoff hunt, but there’s too much that needs to happen for them to get in. With the Redskins at home and the Cardinals making a long trip, I’ll take the Redskins.

Pick: Redskins


Aaron Rodgers is back! This should be a very fun game to watch. The Panthers need a win to help them secure a playoff spot, but so do the Packers. Nobody thought the Packers would be here fighting for a spot, but they did just enough to give Rodgers a chance. I’m expecting Aaron Rodgers to have a big big game, leading his team to a win and one step closer to the playoffs.

Pick: Packers


After what I saw from the Jets last week, how can I pick them? If the Saints win this game, they have a pretty good chance of winning their division. With Carson Wentz out for the rest of the season, the Saints are probably the NFC favorite. Drew Brees and company will show you why.

Pick: Saints


How did the Dolphins beat the Patriots??? That’s a great question. They played spoiler last week, and I think they will again this week. The Bills need some help to get in the playoffs, but the Dolphins won’t give it to them. They’re not out of the playoff race yet. They have their sights set on it and I think they’ll get one step closer.

Pick: Bills


I picked the Seahawks last week because I didn’t believe in the Jaguars, but that came back to bite me. I’m going with the Jaguars this week because their defense really made me believe, and now they’re probably going up against T.J. Yates.

Pick: Jaguars


This game has a good chance to decide who wins this division. The Rams have been on top all year, but I think the Seahawks might steal it from them. Seattle had a terrible game last week against the Jaguars. I expect them to respond by once again looking like a playoff team.

Pick: Seahawks


The Titans have been struggling lately. They’ve lost their grip on the division lead, and their starting to lose it on playoffs. Jimmy Garoppolo is 2-0 as a starter with the 49ers, and I think he makes it 3-0 this week. 49ers continue to loosen the Titans grip on the playoffs.

Pick: Titans


I can’t believe the Patriots lost to the Dolphins. I’m not even a Patriots fan and I was mad about that one. Tom Brady will bounce back from an off game. The Patriots have had the Steelers number in recent history, and with the Steelers defense struggling lately, I expect that to be the case again. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers win this game by another late field goal, considering they’ve done it the last three weeks, but this time I don’t think that will be the case.

Pick: Patriots


Dallas continues to push for the playoffs, and next week they get Zeke back. They must win this game, and probably the rest of their games for a real chance at a playoff spot. Dak looked great last week in what was a defensive battle until the fourth quarter. He helped power his team to a win when they needed him most. Dallas also got Sean Lee back, which significantly improves their defense.

Pick: Cowboys


If the Falcons want any chance of winning their division, they have to win this game. Not only do they need this win for a chance at their division, but they need this win for a better shot at the playoffs. I don’t think the Falcons will have many problems, as the Buccaneers defense has been bad all season.

Pick: Falcons

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