Did the Committee Get It Right?

National Championship Trophy” by Penn State is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The College Football Playoff has been decided. Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama will compete for this years National Title. #1 seed Clemson will face off against #4 seed Alabama, while #2 seed Oklahoma will play #3 seed Georgia.

Every year since the College Football Playoff started, there’s been some sort of controversy surrounding not only the teams who get in, but how those teams are seeded. This is once again the case. The goal of the committee is to put the four best teams into the playoff. Now that we have the final rankings, let’s take a look at the four teams in the playoff and break down if the committee really chose the four best.

#1 – Clemson Tigers

Clemson not only deserved to be in, but they were worthy of the number one seed. They have solid victories over Heisman contender Lamar Jackson’s Louisville team, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and a dominating victory over Miami. The only flaw on their resume is the loss to Syracuse. We can probably blame that loss on the injury of their star quarterback, Kelly Bryant. With Bryant on the field, Clemson would have likely won that game and gone undefeated. They dominated most of their competition, winning several games with ease. Their convincing win over an impressive Miami team is what likely helped them secure the top seed.

#2 – Oklahoma Sooners

In my opinion, I think Oklahoma should be the top seeded team. With that being said, I’m not unhappy about Clemson receiving that honor. Clemson is absolutely deserving of being number one, but I like Oklahoma’s resume more. Oklahoma has convincing wins over Oklahoma State, and TCU twice. Not only do they have those victories, but they have College Football’s best player in Baker Mayfield, who will likely win the Heisman. I’m guessing the reason why Oklahoma is ranked second is because of their loss to Iowa State, although they do have a respectable record (7-5).

#3 – Georgia Bulldogs

I personally don’t think Georgia will win the National Championship. Their inexperience at the most important position is why. True Freshman quarterback Jake Fromm has been great, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to get it done against the likes of Baker Mayfield, Kelly Bryant, and an Alabama defense. With that being said, number three is the perfect spot for Georgia. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding who should have received the number four seed, but Georgia no doubt deserves to be in, which is why they’re ranked number three. They suffered a crushing loss to the Auburn Tigers during the season, but they avenged that loss in the SEC Championship game. Winning the SEC title is ultimately what got this team into the playoff.

#4 – Alabama Crimson Tide

Here’s where the real controversy is. Should it have been Alabama or Ohio State? I don’t think there was a bad choice here. Alabama only suffered one loss on the season, which was to the 7th ranked Auburn Tigers. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. The reason people don’t think Alabama should be in, is because they didn’t win their conference championship. Ohio State on the other hand did win their conference, but they also suffered two losses. Either team could have made it in. It’s unfortunate the committee had to choose just one team for this spot, because both teams deserved it. Although I don’t think Alabama is a bad choice, I do believe the committee chose Alabama over Ohio State because of who the top seed is. A rematch of the past two National Championship games had to seem much more enticing. I honestly do believe that had a significant part in Alabama getting this spot.

Do you think the College Football Playoff Committee got it right? Comment below how you think the teams should have been ranked, who should have got in, or who you think will win the National Championship this year!


  1. No they didnt get it right Ohio State shouldve been in and if not,Wisconsin should be in over Alabama a 1 loss team with a better resume but Ohio State beat them am i missing something here

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  2. Nope, committee it wrong. Maybe this will finally, for the love of the good Lord, FINALLY get us towards a 16 team playoff. Then there’ll be no controversy and the true champion will be won…on the field.

    Fact the SEC is the ALWAYS over represented. And here we are again.

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    1. I think 16 teams are too much. 8 would be better, made up of the Power 5 champions, a Group of 5 champion, and two-at larges. The first round games would be played Christmas week. This year my idea would give us Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, USC, UCF, and two at-larges. I’d pick Auburn and Alabama.

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