Week 13 NFL Picks


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Dallas has some major problems they must get figured out. The past few weeks has shown us that they don’t really have an answer to their problems right now. The offense has done nothing and the defense is getting shredded. The Redskins offense will be the next team to shred the Cowboys to pieces.

Pick: Redskins


If the Chiefs want to make the playoffs, they better get things into gear quickly. They’ve dropped 5 of their last 6 games. This has to end soon. I think the Chiefs will finally realize that and get a much needed victory to help them stay in the playoff race.

Pick: Chiefs


The Bills pulled out a win last week, but that was against a struggling Chiefs team. The Patriots are not a struggling team by any means. They’re ready for the playoffs, and they’re going to prove that again this week by beating up on the Bills.

Pick: Patriots


Neither team is great right now. They both have major offensive problems, but the Dolphins are the worse of the two. Even though the Broncos are struggling, they have more talent on both sides of the ball and I think that will show in this game.

Pick: Broncos


Jimmy Garoppolo will make his first start as the 49ers quarterback this week. This game will give the 49ers a glimpse into what they’ll have with Garoppolo moving forward. I think they’ll be happy with what they see. Garoppolo gets his first win as the 49ers starting QB.

Pick: 49ers


The Ravens defense continues to impress me. They continue to hold this team in the playoff race. Things will be tough for Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense playing against this defense. The Ravens playoff hopes continue to stay alive because the Ravens defense makes enough plays.

Pick: Ravens


The Falcons have been on a roll the last few weeks, but they have yet to face a defense like this one. The Vikings have a dominant defense that can handle almost anyone. I haven’t had faith in the Vikings offense this season, but they’re starting to make me believe.

Pick: Falcons


After seeing what Brett Hundley did to the Steelers last week, I gained a little confidence in him. It was by far his best performance of the season and his career. If he can do that again, the Packers shouldn’t have problems getting a victory. If Hundley goes back to how he played before last week, there may be problems. I think we’ll see the better Hundley.

Pick: Packers


The Titans are a team that I don’t really believe in, but they’re playing the Texans this week, who I really don’t believe in. The Titans have a better overall team, and I think their offense will carry them to a win against their division rivals.

Pick: Titans


While the Jaguars offense may still be questionable, the defense isn’t. This defense has dominated most of the season and I think that will continue against a Colts offense that has struggled for most of the season.

Pick: Jaguars


Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are feeling good right now. They’re coming off a dominating performance against the Cowboys. The Browns are another team who they should dominate on both sides of the ball. Chargers help their playoff chances.

Pick: Chargers


The Rams proved me wrong last week by beating the Saints. They bounced back against a playoff team after being beaten badly by another playoff team the week before. That’s what good teams do. The Cardinals have too many problems. Rams win.

Pick: Rams


The Giants offense went from bad to worse. Eli Manning won’t start this week against the Raiders. Maybe it’s not worse. Manning has been pretty bad this year. That should open up the door for the Raiders to keep their playoff hopes alive. Oakland has struggled this year, so the Giants may keep it close. Even if it’s close, the Raiders will get the win late.

Pick: Raiders


Drew Brees and the Saints offense need to bounce back from their loss last week, and I think they will. The Panthers defense got carved up last week by Josh McCown. If Josh McCown can do it, Drew Brees will do it. The Saints sweep the Panthers this year.

Pick: Saints


This would be a very interesting game if the Seahawks had their defense healthy. Unfortunately for them it’s not. Against a team like the Eagles, they need their defense healthy to compete and win. The Eagles will prevail as the dominant bird.

Pick: Eagles

STEELERS VS BENGALS (Monday Night) (Upset)

This Steelers team seems to play down to their competition. They should have walked all over the Packers last week, but they just barely got a win. The Bengals don’t have a great record, but their defense is tough. If the Steelers play down to their competition in this game, the Bengals might just pull off a win.

Pick: Bengals

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