Week 11 NFL Picks

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TITANS VS STEELERS (Thursday) (Upset)

I still can’t believe how close the Steelers and Colts game was. The Colts played the Steelers very well, but fell just short of a win. The Titans defense isn’t great, but it’s better than the Colts. Their offense is also better. If the Titans can look at the film to see what the Colts did to almost get a victory, I think they can pull off an upset in this game.

Pick: Titans


The Browns were hanging with the Lions for a while, but then they realized they were the Browns and they’re not allowed to win games. With a top defense and a top 10 offense, the Jaguars shouldn’t have any problems beating the Browns this week. The Browns are on the complete opposite side of the rankings on both sides of the ball.

Pick: Jaguars


This weeks most exciting game! Both offense’s are bad, and both defense’s rank toward the bottom of the league. I’m going with the Buccaneers in this game just because the Dolphins offense ranks dead last in points per game.

Pick: Buccaneers


The Ravens defense has played well against most of the weak offense’s they’ve faced this year. The Packers are a weak offense without Aaron Rodgers. The Ravens aren’t great offensively either, but the Ravens defense seems much better to me than the Packers. The Ravens are also rested after a bye week, so look for their defense to be flying all over the field.

Pick: Ravens


The Bears are coming off a week in which they lost to Brett Hundley. If you lose to Hundley, you give me no confidence against Matthew Stafford. Stafford should enjoy a nice day offensively. It may not come easy, but I think Stafford can out duel a rookie quarterback who’s been up and down.

Pick: Lions


This is an interesting game. The Rams have the best scoring offense in the league, but the Vikings defense is not to be messed with. Guess who ranks one spot better on defense than the Rams in terms of points allowed. Yeah, it’s the rams. The Vikings will likely make the playoffs, but I can’t trust Case Keenum and the offense in a playoff game. This feels like a playoff game, so I don’t trust this offense.

Pick: Rams


No matter who starts for the Cardinals, it won’t make that much of a difference for their offense. We know Tom Savage is going to be the starter for the Texans, but we also know he’s not good. The advantage I see the Cardinals having offensively is in the running game. Since being with the Cardinals, Adrian Peterson has been up and down. One week he had a 100 yard game, then a 20 yard game, then a 100 yard game, and then another 20 yard game. It’s been back and forth. If he keeps up this trend, this week should be a 100 yard game. His two 100 yard games have come against low ranking defense’s, and that’s what the Texans are.

Pick: Cardinals


The Giants lost to the 49ers, so there’s no way I’m picking them. I expect a big game out of just about everyone on the Chiefs offense. The Giants 28th ranked defense is going to be on the field a lot. I can see it now, Tyreek Hill is going to burn someone bad!

Pick: Chiefs


The Redskins defense was torn up by Case Keenum. Case Keenum is no Drew Brees. I expect Brees to have a good day throwing the ball. The Saints running game has been good lately, and I expect that to continue also.

Pick: Saints


The Bills are making the quarterback switch and I think it may have a negative impact at first. This will be Peterman’s first NFL start, and I think the Chargers are going to get after him knowing that.

Pick: Chargers


With both teams performing poorly on offense, I’m going to look at the defense in this game. Based on defensive numbers, the Bengals win easily. They’ve got a solid defense that should be able to take advantage of the Broncos poor offense.

Pick: Bengals


The Patriots have won 5 straight games and seem to be back to their old selves again. They’re going up against a struggling Raiders team that has been up and down this year. I think the Raiders have it in them to put up a fight in this game, but the Patriots are just better. Their consistent play gives them my vote for the win.

Pick: Patriots


The Cowboys struggled against the Falcons offensively and defensively. Part of their struggles on offense was because starting left tackle Tyron Smith was out, but I think they’re still learning how to play without Zeke. Things started off well defensively, but then Sean Lee got injured. In games with Lee playing the whole game, the Cowboys are 5-1. Without him they’re 0-3 now. He’s probably more important to the defense than Zeke is to the offense. Reports are that Lee will miss multiple games. If that’s the case, the Eagles will walk all over the Cowboys defense.

Pick: Eagles


I had a little trouble making this decision. Both teams have key losses that could really make this game go one way or the other. I’m going with Seattle because they’ve been a more consistent team throughout the season.

Pick: Seahawks

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