Week 10 NFL Picks

Source: https://www.norebbo.com/?s=nfl

Well I didn’t get 11 picks correct for the 3rd straight week, but I did get 9 out of 13 correct this week, bringing my total on the season to 83 out of 132 (62.8%). I’ve only made a slight improvement to my percentage. It’s about gradual improvement right? Week 9 was full of good games and upsets. I guess that’s every week. Week 10 is sure to have some more.


Allowing just 18.6 points per game, the Seahawks have one of the best defense’s in the NFL. On the other side, the Cardinals have one of the worst offense’s in the NFL. That’s enough for me make this pick.

Pick: Seahawks


The Jets have been surprisingly competitive this season, while the Buccaneers have been disappointing. Jameis Winston is hurt, and now an already low scoring offense has to go with their backup. The Jets were already better than the Buccaneers offensively. A switch to a backup quarterback should make things easier for the Jets defense.

Pick: Jets


The Saints have been on a hot streak lately, but now things might get a little cold for them. Not cold in terms of losing, but in terms of temperature. Playing in cold weather isn’t something they’re used to. It might effect the game a little, but I think they’ll be okay. The Bills defense is still one of the best in the NFL, but the Saints defense is close behind them. Both teams allow under 20 points per game. While the defense’s are close in terms of points allowed, the separation comes on offense. The Saints are 6th, while the Bills are 16th.

Pick: Saints


Is anyone picking the Browns?? You’ve got guts if you are, that’s for sure. A 31st ranked offense and a 28th ranked defense when it comes to points. I wouldn’t take them against most teams.

Pick: Lions


These two teams are opposites on each side of the ball. The Bengals are bad offensively, but good defensively. The Titans are good offensively, but they’re bad defensively. Most of the time I go with the better defense, and that’s the case here.

Pick: Bengals


Both of the quarterbacks in this game haven’t played very well this season. I think this game comes down to whatever defense can make the most plays. I’m going with the Bears defense in this game.

Pick: Bears


The Jaguars have the best defense in the league in terms of points allowed. The Chargers aren’t far behind, but the Jaguars also have a better offense. The Chargers average less than 20 points a game, while the Jaguars score about 26. I feel like every time I pick the Jaguars they fail me and lose, but for some reason I’m still picking them.

Pick: Jaguars


The Redskins barely scrapped out a win against the Seahawks last week. Their defense was able to keep Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense pretty much in check. The question now is if they can do that on a consistent basis. I think this game could be similar to the Redskins game against the Seahawks last week. The Vikings defense is one of the best, but I think the Redskins defense can keep the Vikings offense mostly in check.

Pick: Redskins


My girlfriend is a Steelers fan. This week I jokingly told her that the Colts were going to beat the Steelers. Her response, “They better not, that would be so embarrassing.” That’s right it would be. Fortunately for the Steelers, the Colts allow the most points in the NFL.

Pick: Steelers


If Deshaun Watson was playing in this game, it may end up being a battle, but he’s not. The Rams will continue to dominate offensively, while the Watsonless Texans will continue to struggle offensively. Jared Goff and the Rams put on another offensive show.

Pick: Rams


The most exciting of all the games this week! Will one team get their first victory, or will the other get their second win of the season? The Giants had one of the best defensive units last season. I think they still have that inside of them somewhere. The offense for the Giants has been horrible this year, not helping the defense at all. The 49ers have scored 10 points in each of their last 3 games. I feel like the Giants can score more than that.

Pick: Giants

COWBOYS VS FALCONS (Marquee Matchup)

Both teams have a defense that averages a similar amount of points allowed. Aside from one play right before halftime, the Cowboys defense did play very well last week. They held a top 5 scoring offense to 17 points. I think they should be able to keep the Falcons point total low enough. The difference for these teams comes on offense. Who knows if Zeke will play. Whether he does or not, I think the Cowboys offense powers them to victory.

Pick: Cowboys


The once feared Broncos defense doesn’t seem so feared anymore. The Broncos offense is even less feared than the defense. Scoring less than 20 points per game is not going to be enough to beat Tom Brady.

Pick: Patriots


Both of these offense’s are bad. Miami has the worst scoring offense, while the Panthers rank 24th. The Panthers have a top 5 defense in points allowed. For this Miami offense, that’s not a good thing.

Pick: Panthers

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