In Hundley’s Hands, the Packers Season is Likely Lost

Brett Hundley” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Entering Week 6 with a 4-1 record, the Green Bay Packers were having a phenomenal season. One of the best teams in the league, the Green Bay Packers were led by arguably the best quarterback in the league, Aaron Rodgers.

It had been a season to remember to this point for Rodgers and this Packers. From an OT win over the Bengals, to a last minute TD drive to beat the Dallas Cowboys again. Aaron Rodgers was once again working his magic. With Rodgers at quarterback, the Packers are usually considered a Super Bowl contender. This has been the case this season, but then in one play, the Packers Super Bowl hopes were crushed.

After rolling outside of the pocket, Rodgers was forced into the ground onto his right shoulder, leading to a broken collarbone. Not only did this hit break a collarbone, but it likely broke an entire season.

What does no fan base ever want to see? The backup quarterback enter the game. After Rodgers went down, Brett Hundley stepped in. From that point on, the Packers never stood a chance. The Vikings defense feasted on Hundley, forcing him to throw 3 INT’s. Below are Hundley’s full passing stats for the game:

18/33 (54.5%) for 157 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT’s, with a passer rating of 39.6.

That’s what the Packers are getting for the rest of their season with Hundley running the show. No, Hundley won’t be that bad every game, but do you really expect him to play at an Aaron Rodgers like level? That’s just crazy!

Here is what Rodgers had done so far this season:

66.3% completion, 1,385 yards, 13 TD’s to only 3 INT’s, with a rating of 103.2.

How do you replace that? You don’t. I’m not saying the Packers won’t win anymore games this season, but I don’t think they’re making the playoffs. Their schedule has some winnable games, but can you expect them to win enough games after the performance we just saw from Hundley?

Go back to the Bengals game. Would the Packers have won if Hundley was quarterback? Go to the Cowboys game. Would they have won with Hundley at quarterback? The answer to both questions is no.

The reason why the Packers win games, is because of Aaron Rodgers. He can do it any game, any place, and with just about any amount of time. The Packers win because of Aaron Rodgers. I don’t care how well the defense plays from here on out. I don’t care how good their running game is. With Brett Hundley at quarterback, the Packers season is lost.

From the moment Rodgers went down, there have been rumors of the Packers signing Colin Kaepernick or Tony Romo. Yes, Tony Romo. The Packers don’t seem to have any interest in doing so. Even if they did bring in one of those quarterbacks, would it make a difference? Maybe a little, but the Packers won’t win the Super Bowl with either of those two. There would be a false sense of hope in Green Bay for the rest of the season.

At least with Hundley at quarterback, the Packers know what they’re getting. It might suck to know that, but at least they know. Sorry Packers fans, but your season has gone down the drain. Leave it to a Viking to ruin everything!


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