Is This Adrian Peterson’s Last Chance?

Adrian Peterson Photoshop” by Shea Huening is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
By Michael, Writer of

Adrian Peterson signed a 7 million dollar deal with the Saints in the offseason. This happened after being released by the Minnesota Vikings. After four games with the Saints, he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals for a 2018 conditional 6th round draft pick. The Arizona Cardinals needed a running back badly. They’ve had some of the worst running stats in the NFL because of the loss of their star running back, David Johnson.

Adrian Peterson playing on the Saints did not go as well as both sides had hoped. Peterson dominated the NFL and the running back position for almost a decade, but now his career is starting to look like it’s coming to an end. While with the Saints, Peterson had only 27 carries for 81 yards in his first 4 games.

Will Adrian Peterson Be the Right Fit for the Cardinals?

Adrian Peterson was one of the few running backs the Cards knew they could get. He was probably the best and cheapest, but is he the right fit? In my opinion, I think he is. Carson Palmer has had a pretty successful year passing, and I think with a little bit of running back power, they can get a little bit farther up in the rankings. Adrian Peterson will take the starting role at the running back position for the Cardinals. If he fails to play well, this could be his last chance in the NFL, meaning he’ll have to say goodbye to his great career.

Update! (10/15/17)

In his first game with the Arizona Cardinals, Adrian Peterson put on a show! He ran for 134 yards on 26 carries, giving him a 5.2 average. In addition to those yards, Peterson scored 2 rushing TD’s. Peterson gave this offense a boost it desperately needed. It’s probably still too early to tell for sure, but in the short sample size we have of him in Arizona, it looks like the Cardinals made a smart move.

Peterson looked like he was running angry. He was probably trying to show the Saints what a mistake they made by not utilizing him properly. The Saints would have regretted that, if it weren’t for Mark Ingram running all over the Lions defense. Anyway, the Cardinals have a legit running threat they’ve been missing since David Johnson’s injury. Can you imagine what it will be like when he returns? That’s a true two headed monster in the backfield!

Peterson sure hasn’t wasted anytime in Arizona. He’s on a mission to prove to the league that he can still be one of the best running backs in the NFL. He had a very good start, and all indications are that this will continue. Keep an eye on Peterson in the coming weeks. He’s not done yet.

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